Future Ad Mexico provides the forum for marketers, agencies, publishers and tech suppliers to discover trends, tactics and technologies.

• Avant-garde discussion panels with leading executives from the advertising, marketing, media and technology industries.
• One-on-one sessions with key executives
• Debate sessions on the most controversial issues in the advertising industry

Future Ad Mexico is co-located with the 8th edition of NexTV Series Mexico

NexTV Series Mexico is the event that brings brings together the Mexican & Central American markets and offers a unique opportunity to discuss the future of TV, OTT and online video.


The future of programmatic advertising

• The impact of Big Data and Smart Data
• The future of programmatic spending in Latin America
• How should media deal with ad blockers? Connecting people in a meaningful way
• The rise of Mobile Programmatic and cross-device campaigns n Server-Side Header Bidding & video
• Key future tech that will change advertising
• The evolution of the agency model in Latin America
• How to measure ROI of Social Networks
• What will be the balance between online and TV investment

The Media Revolution

• Multiscreen strategies for TV Networks: bringing new audiences
• How to address Millennials?
• Will Pay TV become OTT in Latin America?
• Is programmatic ad coming to TV?
• Monetization model for live sports event streaming
• Booming of niche OTT offers in the Americas

Discussion Panels - Day 1

• Best engagement with video: TV vs. social media vs. branded content
• Threats of programmatic buying for brands and publishers
• Future of analytics & big data
• New ways to estimate ROI in social media video advertising
• Will AI replace Ad Agencies?
• Will programmatic kill (or improve) creativity?

Discussion Panels - Day 2

• The new online multiscreen live sport & e-sports consumption
• TV Networks vs. user generated content: does the brand care?
• Programmatic TV yes or no: media buyers and sellers
• From FTA TV to multiplatform: what each social network brings
• How will OTT Pay TV change TV & advertising?
• Best strategies for media groups to lead the online video advertising wave